For empowerment

Our mission is to enable companies to engage, attract, and hire minority candidates across Europe. As a community-oriented platform, we are committed to empowering minority professionals with career advice that will help them navigate their journey, whether it be in Berlin, Lisbon, or Amsterdam.

Though a JOB is the means to an end we go beyond that and enable our members to learn how to successfully build a career that fits with their life vision and identify organisations that speak to their values as professionals.

A Focus on engagement and attraction through conversations

Communication promotes collaboration. Engagement and attraction tell stories, stories that might help us find common ground. So let’s talk. Two of the most critical steps of a candidate’s journey are engagement and attraction.

Research shows that they are key strategies to ensure that the messaging will reach candidates with the rights skills, knowledge, and values that match that of the organisation. Yet many companies have not devised a plan to engage and attract Black and other Ethnic minorities in tech and in the workplace in general.

Our platform creates a space for engagement, for stories, stories that will help both our members and companies find common ground and the value they each can bring to their relationship.

Enabling Authenticity

There is not a one fit all diversity and inclusion template for companies. Therefore it is imperative to maintain authenticity from both ends of the spectrum which is the interaction between candidates and companies.

Our Diversity and Inclusion experts have put together learning material to help companies understand the systemic structures in place that have prevented our societies and hence organisations from becoming diverse and inclusive. Learning continuously allows a space that is less performative and more impactful. It allows a space for reflection and reduces the idea that this work is a race but makes it clear that it is a lifetime marathon.

A cross solidarity platform

We are strong believers in context analysis when trying to bring about solutions to challenges at hand. Local driven solutions bring about national movements that drive global movements.

“When I see them, I see us” Atalia Omer

Our platform is fueled by strong and locally built minority groups across Europe working to empower professionals in spheres of life and work. A platform that supports and includes other ethnic minorities is at the core of who we are. Moreover, we believe it is the only way to influence change on a larger scale. Change that will outlive all of us.

In closing

There are two ways humans improve their lives. One, is through employment and second is through starting a business. Our goal as a platform is to make employment accessible for Black and other ethnic minorities to find work and therefore change their lives.

In summary, we can strongly agree with Nelson Mandela that:

What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.

Talent Diverse

The first diverse hiring platform in Europe shaping the future of an inclusive Tech Ecosystem.

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