We are in an age of technological revolution and rapid advancement is impacting how we search and apply for jobs. If you look at platforms like Linkedin, XING, or job boards like Monster and Indeed you can realise how to job search has evolved in the past decade. We can now apply for jobs with a simple click from our phones, connect with employers over Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and catch our dream jobs.

Why Should you care?

All these platforms and tools can help you become more visible to employers and you no longer have to prove or show your skills just on paper, but you can create an online profile that speaks to your skills and what you have to offer. If done well, being and having a great online presence can enable you to easily be found and hired by employers.

So how you can make great use of the technology available to us now to improve your job search:

  • Clean up your social media – About 60% of companies will look you up on LinkedIn or other social media platforms so make sure that you present yourself in a good light. Linking your professional and social profiles such as your blog or website is a strong way to reach more recruiters and show all sides of your skills, achievements and other creative projects you have been involved in.
  • Have a mobile-friendly CV – Technology has made it possible for us to apply for jobs on the go using devices. According to research published by Inc.com, 45% of job seekers use their phones to apply for jobs online. By subscribing to different job boards you gain access to daily or weekly job alerts, so you need a smart CV you can use to apply for jobs from your phone. LinkedIn makes it easy with an already built-in apply option and all you have to do is click apply.
  • The Video Interview – Most companies use Skype, Google hangout, Zoom, Loom, and other video interviewing platforms in their recruitment process. However, many job seekers are still lagging behind on installing these applications on their phones or downloading them on their computers. Make sure you are fully prepared for your interviews so that you present yourself in a professional manner that stands out to recruiters. Stay on top of your game, download these Apps and learn how to use them. Make sure your microphone works.
  • Network, Network, Network online – Boost your online presence using technology. Every minute of your day is probably spent either on your mobile or your computer. What are you doing other than scrolling through your feeds? Leverage your expertise and offerings through all your social media platforms. Most times blogging is the first thing you will hear, but it takes time.?Start with Instagram by sharing a great photo that captions a particular work insight or skill you know. Go to LinkedIn and share a photo of an event you attended and what you learned from it. Cross-share on Facebook about the same event using different hashtags. Everything and everyone you are looking for is online waiting for your profile to pop up.?
  • Engage with your audience – Make comments on company blogs, and posts on social media, especially Instagram and LinkedIn. They are paying attention and they will definitely remember you if you meet them at an event. Making a comment is different from pushing the like button. It says you are interested, you agree and you have them in mind. It makes an extreme difference when you tell a recruiter that you saw a great post about the new product on their blog or social media platforms. You set yourself apart from the crowd that is waiting to be liked and found.
  • Enable notification to stay updated with the latest job searching trends – Enable specific job notifications on LinkedIn and other job boards. Subscribe to company newsletters you love, and follow recruiters that are seeking people with your skills so that you can always be in the loop about the jobs they have on offer.

In Conclusion

Job searching trends keep evolving; as new mediums and platforms emerge it’s important to stay on top of the latest advancements. Recruiters no longer read four to five pages of a CV. rather once you give them your name, the first thing they will do is Google you. Wherever you spend most of your time online, will come up first in the search engine. Be sure it is something you like for people to see and know about yourself. We hope these tips will help you in your job search. Keep optimizing and improving your online presence.

Good luck with your job search!

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