Happy International Women’s Day! 

In the age of a Covid19 which has impacted a significant number of women in terms of career and life. 

We at BlackInTech Berlin are excited to celebrate women by putting a spotlight on some of the BIPOC women shaping the Berlin tech industry.

Research indicates that only 3% – 7% of professionals in the tech industry are BIPOC individuals, and of that, only a fraction of them are women. True as the statistic may be, BIPOC women in tech do exist and it’s through highlighting them that we can bring awareness to the lack of diversity in the industry, make space for conversations around the matter and most importantly, inspire young girls because #RepresentationMatters. 

Here are 10 fabulous BIPOC women in Germany’s tech industry who are doing their thing:


Anita S.

Role: Group Engineering Lead Manager

Company: Gorillas

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Ansela M.

Role: Recruiting Specialist

Company: Wire™

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Ashley W.

Role: Senior Product Owner

Company: Bayes Esports

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Bhuvana V.

Role: Head of Engineering

Company: Zalando SEFollow Bhuvana on LinkedIn

Cassandra P.

Role: Principal Portfolio Manager

Company: Zalando SE

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Chiedza M.

Role: Product Leader

Company: Penta

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Danielle P.

Role: Senior Learning Experience Designer

Company: Chatterbug

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Jessy J.

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Company: Meroxa

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Jessy H.

Role: Engineering Manager

Company: Ecosia

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Joana N.

Role: Software Engineer

Company: Accenture

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Kave B.

Role: Director of Talent Acquisition and DEI

Company: SmartRecruiters

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Kexin Y.

Role: Technology Consultant

Company: Accenture

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Makinwa B.

Role: Senior Software Engineer

Company: Contentful

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Mia Chang

Mia C.

Role: Specialist Solutions Architect (Machine Learning)

Company: Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Princiya Sequeira

Princiya S.

Role: Engineering Manager

Company: Anaconda, Inc.

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Surya Emmylinda

Surya E.

Role: Senior Data Product Manager

Company: HelloFresh

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To all of you, we see you and we salute you. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

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