Energy. Just Better.

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Energy. Just Better.

Ostrom is the fastest-growing green & digital energy provider in Germany. We are already delivering energy in 600+ cities and have won clients from over 220 different traditional utilities. We are currently a team of 15 and growing fast, and have raised > 5m USD in VC funding.

Our mission is to reinvent the German energy industry to be fair, smart and green.

  • ⚖️ Fair: Flexible, monthly rolling contract. One transparent tariff with no 12-24 month lock-ins for new & long-time customers.
  • 🌲 Green: Only 100% sustainable energy. We only buy from renewable energy sources, no compromise.
  • 📱 Smart: Digital-first power management. English & German signup & contracts, responsive live customer chat, everything in-app.

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