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The basis for hydrogen mobility in Germany is in place! Now we are expanding on it.

We have achieved our first goal: the widest possible area coverage with hydrogen stations for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles in seven German metropolitan areas (Hamburg, Berlin, Rhine-Ruhr, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich) and along the connecting trunk roads and motorways. At all stations, passenger cars and light commercial vehicles (vans) can refuel with 700 bar and a requirement of 5 kg (in some cases up to 8 kg) of hydrogen. Germany’s nearly 100 hydrogen filling stations already make it possible for more than 6 million people to clean hydrogen mobility without having to accept detours of more than 5 kilometres.

The year 2021 saw the transition from the strategic expansion of the hydrogen filling station infrastructure in 7 metropolitan regions and along connecting axes to further, demand-driven expansion. To ensure that the transition succeeds in the transport sector as well, we are expanding our existing infrastructure with 350-bar refuelling interfaces for buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles at strategically sensible locations. So within the 700-bar network, a 350-bar network is growing.

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