Diversity and Inclusion for Emerging Leaders

There has never been a greater time to speak and act upon diversity and inclusion. The global atmosphere is getting tense and it is becoming increasingly impossible for humans to co-live or co-work together. Whereas the majority of interventions on diversity and inclusion have been fixated on mending external factors i.e behaviour and numbers, we have failed […]

International Women’s Day 2022

Happy International Women’s Day!  In the age of a Covid19 which has impacted a significant number of women in terms of career and life.  We at BlackInTech Berlin are excited to celebrate women by putting a spotlight on some of the BIPOC women shaping the Berlin tech industry. Research indicates that only 3% – 7% […]

Why Build a Diverse Sourcing Platform?

For empowerment Our mission is to enable companies to engage, attract, and hire minority candidates across Europe. As a community-oriented platform, we are committed to empowering minority professionals with career advice that will help them navigate their journey, whether it be in Berlin, Lisbon, or Amsterdam. Though a JOB is the means to an end […]

How to Talk About Race at Work

A good place to start a difficult conversation is to acknowledge its difficulty and validate the other person’s feelings. Whether it’s shock, sadness, anger, confusion or shared discomfort, it needs to be acknowledged. Don’t lean on your minority colleagues instead of offering them much-needed space to process. Avoid asking your colleagues of color for their […]

Searching For Your Next Role? Here’s How to Vet Employers

In today’s job market, it’s not enough for companies to simply boast about their inclusive hiring practices and diverse workplaces. Oftentimes, when employees from minority groups arrive for their first day, they’ll find that less is being done to address the lack of inclusion, equity, and belonging. Finding the right fit can be a full-time […]

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