The Champion Mindset- 5 Lessons from Rocky

We all have a shot at the greatest title in the world, just like Rocky Balboa in the classic story of the underdog fighter who had the will and heart of a real champion. After all, if a fictional character can be named the 7th greatest movie hero of all time and get inducted into […]

Use Reflection To Win in Life and Work

The first quarter of 2022 is done and dusted. You are still here and that is the best gift anyone could ever ask for. As you cross over, embracing your career, life wins, and losses and promising to do and be better you might just need to take something with you. Reflection, the one tool that […]

Diversity and Inclusion for Emerging Leaders

There has never been a greater time to speak and act upon diversity and inclusion. The global atmosphere is getting tense and it is becoming increasingly impossible for humans to co-live or co-work together. Whereas the majority of interventions on diversity and inclusion have been fixated on mending external factors i.e behaviour and numbers, we have failed […]

How to Transition Mid-Career in Berlin

Have you recently arrived in Berlin? Are you looking to enter the Berlin job market, but you don’t know where to start? Did you decide to move abroad mid-career and you now wonder if a career is possible for you in Berlin? If you’re a mid-career job seeker just arriving in Berlin, you’re in luck. […]

How to Talk About Race at Work

A good place to start a difficult conversation is to acknowledge its difficulty and validate the other person’s feelings. Whether it’s shock, sadness, anger, confusion or shared discomfort, it needs to be acknowledged. Don’t lean on your minority colleagues instead of offering them much-needed space to process. Avoid asking your colleagues of color for their […]

Searching For Your Next Role? Here’s How to Vet Employers

In today’s job market, it’s not enough for companies to simply boast about their inclusive hiring practices and diverse workplaces. Oftentimes, when employees from minority groups arrive for their first day, they’ll find that less is being done to address the lack of inclusion, equity, and belonging. Finding the right fit can be a full-time […]

Businesses Thriving During Covid19

Covid19 has brought on a surge of new business opportunities around the globe with some companies needing to hire hundreds of thousands of workers. As an expert talent acquisition specialist, I really do feel for the recruiting teams at these companies.  Ecommerce Online businesses are thriving. We’re spending more time at home, we need to feed […]

Networking Events Berlin: Where to Find Your Next Event

Growing your network will bring you career growth opportunities. Plain and simple. The larger your network becomes and the more connections you make, your connections to job opportunities will grow and support your career transition. In this blog post, I explore how to find your next networking event in Berlin.  Why are networking events important? […]

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