How to Find an English-Speaking Job in Berlin

A career transition is a challenge on any continent, in any country, and at any stage of life. As you make your career transition abroad, it’s important to realize that a career in Berlin is completely possible — but not without a few hurdles along the way. In this post, I’ll be highlighting all the startups and […]

Talent Diverse Job digest: September 2021

Welcome to our Talent diverse Job digest, every month we have a look at the jobs that were published on our platform and put a few of the coolest ones here on this digest for you to have a look at. We also have other courses and interesting content to help you on your way […]

How to Escape the Career Trap

A good friend of mine is trapped. In what I call the career trap. He is in his thirties and earns really good money in his current position. Yet, he is deeply dissatisfied. In fact, he has been talking about getting a new job for almost two years now, but it never seems to be […]

The Future and Impact of Work

My Career Path Launch We are very excited to invite you to the official launch, panel conversation of My Career Path in Berlin. Sign up to take part in our conversation HERE. Keeping up with our mission to empower young professionals with critical skills that adequately prepare them for a 21st-century job market we will discuss […]

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