Searching For Your Next Role? Here’s How to Vet Employers

In today’s job market, it’s not enough for companies to simply boast about their inclusive hiring practices and diverse workplaces. Oftentimes, when employees from minority groups arrive for their first day, they’ll find that less is being done to address the lack of inclusion, equity, and belonging. Finding the right fit can be a full-time […]

Differentiate Yourself And Attract More

Racial bias is still alive and well in the hiring processes of many organizations. In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, ethnic minorities not only have to complete on average 50 percent more applications than their white counterparts to get selected for interview, those with ‘Black-sounding’ names receive […]

Businesses Thriving During Covid19

Covid19 has brought on a surge of new business opportunities around the globe with some companies needing to hire hundreds of thousands of workers. As an expert talent acquisition specialist, I really do feel for the recruiting teams at these companies.  Ecommerce Online businesses are thriving. We’re spending more time at home, we need to feed […]

Networking Events Berlin: Where to Find Your Next Event

Growing your network will bring you career growth opportunities. Plain and simple. The larger your network becomes and the more connections you make, your connections to job opportunities will grow and support your career transition. In this blog post, I explore how to find your next networking event in Berlin.  Why are networking events important? […]

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