In Celebration of Black History Month, we want to recognize our favorite Black businesses in Germany! If we all do our part in supporting black businesses, we can help with the progression of strengthening our communities. In addition to buying Black, we’re creating jobs and opportunities, closing the racial wealth gap, and empowering local communities for generations to come.

Let this be a reminder that supporting black businesses shouldn’t be a trend; it should be a lifestyle, but we should especially be supporting during Black History Month! These businesses we’ve recognized range from food and service to kid-friendly products.


Fashion Africa

Fashion Africa Now: A global, informal, unique media brand presenting and introducing curated content from an African and Diasporic perspective.

Maddy Grace Oputa Photography

Maddy Grace Oputa Photography: Berlin-based Photographer focusing on fashion, beauty, and commercial clients.


FrauenLoop: A registered German non-profit organization and a United States-registered 501(c)(3) corporation that was founded to expand the diversity of qualified women entering jobs in the tech industry. Their mission is to train women-identified persons with resident, immigrant, refugee, non-science, or family-status backgrounds who might otherwise face obstacles to starting or re-entering professional tech industry roles.

Center for Intersectional Justice

Center for Intersectional Justice: an independent nonprofit organization based in Berlin dedicated to advancing equality and justice for all by combating intersecting forms of structural inequality and discrimination in Europe. CIJ seeks to influence the public discourse and impact on policymaking through direct advocacy, research, and policy advice, as well as publications on issues related to intersectional discriminations based on race, gender, class and all other systems of oppression that sustain inequality.


Voiceagenten: A service provider specializing in voice assistants that accompanies customers purposefully and pragmatically from the conception to the implementation of apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Zewdi Travel

Zewdi Travel: A  trustworthy company in German-speaking countries to serve as an information and exchange point for traveling PoCs. Through cooperation with other Afro-diasporic service providers, there are comprehensive and needs-based leisure and travel offers.

Food & Drink:

Magda’s Food Programme

Magda’s  Food Programme: A nutritional scientist that aims at educating kids, teens, and adults on a healthy diet and lifestyle. This includes cooking courses, seminars, team events, coachings, and much more. In addition to an online shop with real Nature’s Treasures such as Seamoss, the very nutritious red algae from Jamaica.

Brown Sugar Black Tea
Brown Sugar Black Tea

Brown Sugar Black Tea is a Berlin-based tea business founded by Cassianne Lawrence and Veronica Hamani. Their tea range is made of 100 percent organic loose leaf tea with the goal to bring joy and healing to all tea lovers and non-tea lovers alike. Not only do they want to bring joy and healing to tea lovers but they are also contributing to reducing the company’s carbon footprint by using only reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable products when possible.


B Wie Berlin
B Wir Berlin

B Wie Berlin: Is a High-quality ABC game and learning cards for every child. The set contains 26 cards, from A for Alexanderplatz to Z for Zoo. The cards are lovingly illustrated and produced in Berlin. The company was started by three sisters with Algerian roots but have made Berlin their home. The core of the business is to teach and promote cultural learning and diversity to children in the most fun and loving way. You can get their cards in selected bookstores in Berlin, also by ordering online.


Tebalou: Is an online children’s books and toys store that brings diversity into the playroom centering all origins, backgrounds, and foregrounds. The store was founded by two Berliner mums who had a mission to start a business that would have all the books and toys that their children would ever want and more so the books and toys they missed as they were growing up. And so they did. Bringing variety into the playroom is what Tebbi + Olaolu = tebalou wanted and we are so proud of their achievement.



REFRAMD: Custom-made sunglasses and eyeglasses designed and digitally crafted around the low and wide nasal bridge profiles of Afropolitans.

We will continue to grow this list with amazing Black businesses and services that we discover in Germany. If you are a Black business owner or founder, email us on [email protected]

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